Sunday, 28 February 2010

La vie en rose

It's kinda weird what one can feel sometimes. One always imagine life in some way and we stick to the thought, the dream that that life we've planned will be our life. But guess what? Sometimes it just doesn't happen, in fact, it doesn't happen very often. So, when you have eighteen or nineteen or whatever, you believe in that ideal life, or at least you know it won't happen but in some deep deep little room of your mind or heart you expect for it to happen. You expect one day you're gonna walk up and your hole life would be finally starting over, all your efforts would be worth, you're gonna earn the job of your life, your friends and family would be proud of you, and the one person you've always cared and waited for would come to get you and tell you "you are the one" and you would feel all is slowing down and down and down and BOOM! You walk up and "OH, of course it was a dream" and you wish you've never woken up and you get up and your job sucks, everything you've been fighting for just doesn't come to you, your friends and family look at you with that look of "things will be better" and all you wanna do is shut everyone and everything to hell. And yes, you can be sure life's not a fairytale, you're not going to become a princess, there's no prince charming, and the people you love sometimes is the people that hurt you, and ok, life's not a pink paradise. But I think that all we can do is try to look our life through pink glasses.

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